Boitys vacay to Zanzibar sums up conclusions!

Is it just us or does Boity's vacation feel like de ja vu? Especially just after Cassper Filled up Orlando Stadium. If you refresh you mind, these two did a similar thing just after Cassper filled up The Dome.

Boity Thulo recently posted a snap on instagram of her landing in Zanzibar for business –  and a little bit of pleasure. It seems like we were not the only ones hit by a sudden flurry of de ja vu, as some social media users were under the same impression that Cassper Nyovest and Boity Thulo had gone on yet another baecation.

Zanzibar is the same place the former couple holidayed last year after Cassper’s #FillUpTheDome concert.

Taking to twitter to set the record straight, Boity denied bringing along Nyovest with her this time around.

She even called it “one massive coincidence” that she’s in Zanzibar after Cassper’s #FillUpOrlandoStadium this past weekend.




‘’No, Cul!!   Just one massive coincidence.’’ …

Although Boity made it loud and clear that she was alone on this one, social media users found it hard to believe that and insisted that Cassper and her are playing coy.


‘’@boity we know you are with @casspernyovest. Just like after fill up the dome y'all went to a baecation😂’’


‘’see you girl you with him right.’’


‘’Hahaha! And you might just be with mr fill up Orlando there lol… mxm i just want you guys to get back together already.’’

We are not ones for jumping into conclusions but where there’s smoke, there’s definitely fire.

Picture credit:Mzansi online News

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