Kylie Jenner wants Tyga to move on with his life after nasty split!

Kylie Jenner is reportedly fed-up with her ex Tyga and wants him to move on with his life! Ky is very happy with her new lover Travis Scott and wants Tyga to get with the program and let her go!

Kylie Jenner and Tyga had a dramatic on-and-off relationship for two years, but now that they are completely done, Ky wants her ex to move on — and fast.

The lip kit mogul and the rapper split at the end of March and she began publicly dating Travis Scott, 25, in mid-April. While that may not have been enough time for Tyga to recover, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star reportedly believes that he really should be ready by now, as it has been a few months since their bitter breakup and she’s already head over heels for Travis.

“Kylie thinks it’s pretty tragic that Tyga is still using her, and her fame, for his own self promotion,” an insider close to Kylie. “At this point, she’s just like, ‘Get over it already, and move on.’ Kylie clearly has, but Tyga just can’t let go, and is acting like a butt sore little b**ch.” Ouch! Previous insiders have said that Ky wasn’t taking too kindly to the release of Tyga’s new song “Playboy,” which she believes is his petty attempt at a diss track about her.

“They had a LOT of drama when they were dating, it was a very passionate relationship, with a lot of jealousy and insecurities on both sides,” the source said. “That’s one of the main things Kylie loves about Travis, everything is just so simple — straight forward and drama free. They have total trust in each other, and there’s none of the petty game playing that was so prevalent during her relationship with Tyga. It’s just a much more grown up and healthy relationship, and Kylie is loving every minute of it.”

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