Sad! The internet fat shames Usher’s STI victim.

As if the stress of having to deal with Usher’s alleged herpes is not enough to send someone into mild-depression, one of the R&B star’s victim got dragged on the internet for being oversized!

As you may or may not know, two women and a man are suing the Usher for not disclosing his diagnosis, which is surprising enough. Following a press conference delivered today by attorney Lisa Bloom and alleged victim Quantasia Sharpton, discourse quickly shifted from the news itself to something far more shallow: the physical appearance of the said victim.

Since the internet has no chill, people started to assume that due to the alleged victim’s appearance, Usher “wouldn’t hit,” therefore calling the victim a liar.

Aside from assessing the validity of the victim’s claims based on her appearance, others just felt the need to comment on her body in general.

This woman already had to endure enough by publicly discussing aspects of her sex life with the entire world. The implication that because of how she looks she must be lying has farther-reaching consequences than meets the eye, what does this response say about us as a society?


Picture credit: TMZ.Com

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