Sjava wasn’t surprised by ‘English’ cyphers for Sway & tweeps are touched!

While many hip-hop lovers are still high over the “amazing” cyphers for Sway at the Castle Light Unlocks concert, Sjava touched a couple of nerves when he expressed his disappointment at the lack of vernac representation on that stage.

Rappers such as A-Reece, Rouge and Moozlie impressed US hip-hop head and radio presenter Sway Calloway when they dropped bar after bar during an improvised freestyle cyclical rapping session aka cypher.

But Sjava asked where their native languages were and why they only used English? He further questioned why not one SA rapper bothered rapping in vernac.

“So vele at that Meek show yesterday there was not even one rapper that raps in a South African Language at the Sway cyphers,” he tweeted.

Sjava explained that he was not taking anything away from how good the rappers that represented were. He said that he just wanted to highlight that at least one rapper could have been authentic enough to impress in their vernacular.

Hip-hop fans had different reactions to Sjava’s question.

While some seemed to agree with the rapper and said there should have been at least one rapper who represented Mzansi languages, others thought he was just being “unnecessarily woke”.

“There’s nothing wrong with rapping in English, your tweet is in English,” one tweep said.

Here are some of the reactions.

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