Trevor Noahs book sells like hot cookies on USAs shelves!

With this latest marital achievement, we wouldn’t mind learning a thing or two from Trevor Noah when it comes to grasping onto opportunities like an eagle on feed.

The hilarious South African comedian export has recently watched his book land on New York Bestseller list.

The book, titled ‘Born a Crime’ tells a story of a young Trevor and his life during the last days of the Apartheid regime.

The comedian's biography was released earlier this month in America.

Trevor Noah took to twitter to express his excitement on the release of his work and said:

‘’I'm beyond excited to have my first book "Born A Crime"'on the failing @nytimes bestseller list. I never imagined this was possible. Sad!’’

The way we are so excited over these news, one would swear that we are the ones who wrote that book, congrats Trevor!

Picture creds: IOL

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