Great Easter plans for non-churchgoers

Not really into church and the holy trinity aren’t you? Well, don’t fret about it – we are not here to judge, but to simplify your not-so holy life this Easter.

A few months back you were dead excited about Easter and having four whole days off work. The grand plans you made! The holidays you envisioned! The city breaks you dreamt up! What an exciting time that was.

Well, back to reality because the Easter break is now nearly here and, our guesses are, you’ve got a big fat nothing to do list. We’re only guessing because really, we’re in the same situation. We should all start a self help group together for procrastinators where we can sit around together and talk about the very real struggle of having a million options available to us but choice being too much of a ‘thing’ to actually do anything about any of them.

Anyways, we’re procrastinating from the real issue here which is that none of us have anything to do next weekend. Here’s a few options. GOD WE’RE NICE TO YOU.


1. If all your friends are as useless as you

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Got a whole bunch of mates that also forgot to plan stuff? There’s still some pretty good deals going on classy 5-star hotels you can book for you, your friends and everyone you know. The Houghton hotel Spa and Wellness centre is where you need to be mate! The Houghton Hotel is associated with Kapama Private Game Reserve through … 20 minutes from OR Tambo International Airport; Complete Health and Wellness offering with a luxurious backdrop

2. If you’ve got no money whatsoever

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This, my friend, is where you need to get creative. What you’re left with is The Staycation. For this you will need a partner in crime (your best mate will do) and a really, really good imagination. Start all four days off with extravagant brunches (leave the washing up, you’re on holiday mate) before heading off into your local town to do all the tourist stuff you thought you were way too cool for like museums, historical landmarks and the like. Each night cook a three course meal (don’t even worry if it’s just soup, spag bol and ice cream) and round off with lots of wine. Your local wine, Drostdy Hof for example, Drostdy is an approachable, accessible, unintimidating and sociable South African brand that has long been trusted for its consistent, great flavor, taste and quality.

3. If you’ve got a driving license and don’t mind roughing it

Campervans aren’t all big shiny white monsters that middle aged couples use for summer breaks to Haartees; there’s actually a fair few exciting things you can do on the landmark there. Hartbeespoort Holiday Resort provides accommodation with an outdoor swimming pool. 9 km from Aerial Cableway Hartbeespoort and Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre, the property offers a garden and a shared lounge.

5. If you’ve got a bit of money to spend

Wing it. Literally. Head over to FlySAfair, pop in your dates and your budget and see where you can get in South Africa for whatever cash you’ve got. The good thing about this is that you’ll probably end up somewhere you’ve never been, the bad news is that you might end up somewhere you’ve never been for a reason. Hey, at least you’ll have a story to tell.** **

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