“He has not paid me from the LUX campaign”: Nandi Madida clears the air

Actress and model, Nandi Madida has taken to social media to clear the air after being met with confusion following news of a court battle between her and her manager over money owed to her of approximately R3.7 million.

In a report by the tabloid publication Sunday World, suggested that Nandi was suing Amaru Da Costa (Thamsanqa Fakazi) who they referred to as her manager at the time she was an ambassador for Lux. The article suggested that Nandi was in feud with her manager suggesting that the manager was guilty of almost running away with over R3 millions of Nandi’s money that she earned as the ambassador of LUX. A deal that had baby girl flourish so much with her signature lavender short cut that landed her as the lead in Beyoncé’s “Black Is King,” in the character of the older Nala.

Setting the record straight, Nandi released a statement addressing the allegations. Nandi confirmed that Thamsanqa Fakazi was not her manager but an agent working for the Lux campaign at the time. “I can confirm that due to outstanding money a summons has been sent from my legal team to Amaru Da Costa (Thamsanqa Fakazi) an agent who works with Unilever on the LUX campaign. He is not my manager & has never been my manager as the headline suggests”, tweeted the star in an accompanying statement.

“He has been issued with a summons for outstanding money he has not paid me from the LUX campaign, as the ambassador.” – she added. She went on to say that although she could not divulge more information, Unilever has communicated that all money was paid to Amaru.

The statement goes on to suggest that Thamsanqa or Amaru was paid the money in full by LUX to pay Nandi. If you wanted to know whether or not Thamsanqa is a big deal, then the answer is, yes, he is. The man has connections with Black Coffee’s Soulistic Music and has is a heavy weight behind the scenes in the music industry, but he, like the Thami Ndlala’s of the world, has little social media presence.


Main Image: Ok Mazansi