Here’s how EFF leader Julius Malema and his beautiful wife left Instagram users green with envy

If you judge EFF leader Julius Malema’s fashion sense based on the red overalls he usually rocks when attending to his political affairs, then you definitely haven’t seen him enjoying some time out with his beautiful wife.

The red fighter’s Commander-in-Chief recently posted a picture of him with his wife, Mantwa, who he either calls “babe” or “bra”, leaving social media users green with envy.

In the picture, Malema holds a glass of wine as he dances with his wife on what looks like a yacht, captioning it: “#Thulokhuti habashwe babe, let’s go. #mood #weekendvibes.”

The picture was taken on the Durban July weekend, but Malema reposted it to show his followers he was in a partying mood after the no-confidence motion in President Jacob Zuma on Tuesday.

Although ‘Grammers’ liked Malema’s outfit, saying it was “on point” and the CIC was giving models chest pains, some of his followers said the sunglasses were a bit off:

“Yoh the glasses…hai no.”

“Your sunnies ahahhahaha….. hayini!!!”

“Yey those shades.”

“Hai Mahn leader your shades.”

“Leader those glasses are not doing justice lol.”

Another said they made him look like Van Damme.

Some of his followers couldn’t help but notice the man sitting behind the CIC, saying his head looked “suspicious”. They wanted to know if Malema was partying with Duduzane’s father that weekend:

“CIC is that Jacob Zuma’s head behind you?”

“That butternut head at your back, it looks like that one of Duduzane’s father @julius.malema.sello lol.”

“That piece of a head on your background, isn’t that of Zuma?”

The head cannot possibly be of Duduzane’s father as he was attending the ANC policy conference on the same weekend as the Durban July.

Another thing that grabbed his followers’ attention was his beautiful wife. One said they hoped Malema became South Africa’s president simply for the country to have a young and beautiful first lady.

“Where else do you find a president @julius.malema.sello with so much swag and love all in one huh? Mma rona looking hot as always.”

Picture credit: All4Women

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