Here’s why The Soil’s first lady, Buhle Mda does not consider herself as a celebrity.

Although The Soil’s first lady Buhle Mda has made a huge impact in putting South Africa’s music profile on an international level, humility tends to get the better of her when it comes to being under the celebrity spotlight.

Buhle, full name Buhlebendalo Mda has recently revealed that she doesn’t regard herself as a celebrity.

“The minute that [being a celebrity] gets to your head, you forget ubuntu bakho, you forget where you come from and what made you,” she said in an interview on Metro FM’s The Great Escape.

Buhle explained that she gets a bit angry when people say “we made you”.

“Don’t do that to me, don’t. Don’t say that, you didn’t make me. The Lord made me and I created this hustle for myself,” Buhle added.

She explained that she doesn’t like status. “I still walk to the spaza shop and buy loaf brown and for people, that’s strange. But that’s where I am…”

The singer made it clear that she just doesn’t like fame. “I don’t even regard myself as famous, you know. I don’t like that because sometimes people tend to dictate your life. You’re no longer, you don’t belong to yourself anymore but you belong to people, I don’t like that. Give me my space, I’m also a human being…” said the singer.

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