Here’s the 411 on why Skolopad was in ‘hiding’

Skolopad resurfaced for a performance over the long weekend after staying out of the spotlight for a while. 

“I love Skolopad but she’s just a part of my life and I previously gave too much focus to her but not anymore. I really enjoyed being on stage this last weekend and it was one of the largest crowds I ever performed for. It reminded me just how much I love it, I was so excited,” she told reporters. 

Skolopad said even though she was now picky with her gigs and more cautious of where she allocates her time, she would never say no to a gig that had to do with the LGBTQ+ community because they are the people that have shown her the most love.

The singer, who rose to fame thanks to a revealing yellow dress and some raunchy poses, had SA in the palm of her hands for some time before her fame started “fading”.

Skolopad explained she’s since realised that fame is a monster that needs to be constantly fed and lately that hasn’t been her highest priority.

“Since the car accident and the threats I have received… I am no longer as free as I was on social media. So I am picky about which places I perform at or what I share on my social media. Sometimes I even post things and then delete them later. I don’t want to put my family or myself in danger but I also don’t want to completely kill Skolopad.”

Skolopad added that with everything that has happened since she became a recognisable figure has been tough and left her feeling more “unsafe” than ever.

“I have been working on music with amazing people and Skolopad will never retire that was never part of my plan. In fact I never said that… people confuse me with someone else. I just won’t be as freely available I guess.”

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