Here’s the video that has Twitter furious at Riky Rick for mocking a young man’s choice of sneakers!

Local rapper & fashion icon, Riky Rick has found himself in the bad books of many Twitter users after mocking a young man’s choice of sneakers in a Braamfontein retail store.

In a video that was recorded in the store, the rapper is seen taking shots at the young man because he allegedly wore fake Balenciaga shoes.

The entire store breaks into laughter as he orders the teen to remove the shoes immediately so they can be burnt.

While many congratulate Riky for playing his role as a fashionista, others have argued that he could’ve handled the situation in a more mature way.

Riky Rick went on to post a pair of sneakers that had been won by some kids, in an effort to “spread positive vibes”.

Do you think Boss Zonke made a wise decision by probing the young man to remove the alleged fake shoes, or do you think he could’ve handled it in a more ‘’appropriate’’ manner?

Picture credit: SA Hip Hop Mag

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