Here’s what sparked DJ Black Coffee and Prince Kaybee’s heated twar!

It all started when Black Coffee came to his friend DJ Euphonik’s defense, after Prince Kaybee weighed in on the twar Euphonik had with a Tweep Koshiek Karan over buying property during a pandemic.

Prince came for celebs who try to sound intelligent after consuming a few YouTube videos.

The timeline has been abuzz for the past few days after Bonang and Nandi Madida were dragged for their unsolicited advice to young people, so it is really not clear who the Fetch Your Life hitmaker was addressing.

Not mincing his words, Prince directed his tweet at celebs as a collective, especially those who are trying to sound intelligent because of their ‘celebrity status.’

Internationally acclaimed DJ Black Coffee proved to have his friend’s back when he directed a savage response to Prince Kaybee’s fiery tweet.

“The problem is that celebrities fall for the same trap all the time, ‘the urge to sound wise’. You watch a few YouTube videos you, wanna sound intelligent. Carry on, you will meet your maker,” he tweeted.

Prince and Euphonik had their fair share of a heated debate after Prince Kaybee said DJs must stop doing live sets for free. The ‘debate’ ended up being a fruitful exchange, which could help up and coming DJ’s.

Prince responded by saying he does not care about titles, he knows who he is.

Black Coffee got dragged for coming after Prince.

Although Coffee has since apologized for the tweet, Prince Kaybee is not looking for an apology from Black Coffee after he offended him and many others with his now deleted tweet.

Labeling Coffee a ‘Selfish King’, Prince says that Coffee never liked him for years, and it is not something that just started out of the blue. In his mini rant, the Uwrongo hitmaker lambasted Coffee for his offensive “House N****r” tweet and said he has no respect for his fans.

“A selfish king who cares more about his pockets than the plight of the people who support his music. If this logic is anything to go by, he could have taken money from the apartheid government. REAL HOUSE N*S are the ones that burn their own people to stay warm!” he exclaimed.

Even though the two award-winning artists don’t know each other personally, Prince Kaybee reckons Coffee has never liked him. This dates back to 2015 when Prince won the Best Remix Award at the Metro FM Awards, and he was nominated with Coffee in the same category.

Not looking to take his ‘L’ silently, Coffee took to Twitter to publicly express how his Alicia Keys Remix was the best and should have won.

Coffee made it clear that he does not have a problem with Prince, in fact he has always played his music.

Main Image: ZambiaNews365