Here’s why DJ Zinhle topped the trends list last night!

DJ Zinhle found herself on the Twitter trends list on Tuesday night. Initially the most confusing trend, it later turned out to be a typical “no chill in Mzansi” moment, and we have the 411. 

Before Zinhle made it on to the top 10 trends, it was hard to pin down one particular reason why she was trending. After all, she is DJ Zinhle and it doesn’t take much to get people talking about her.

About two hours went by, during which most of the tweets were made up of people asking, “Why the hell is Zinhle trending”. 

Did she tweet something? Did AKA do something? Did she suddenly become besties with your girl B? Is Kairo the youngest millionaire yet? Like kwenzakalani?

Then it was all explained. As it turned out, a now deleted tweet by a tweleb was the origin of the trend. 

What had happened was … a tweep asked how much people were willing to spend on seeing their partners.

Then one tweep’s answer caught fire and, boom, Zinhle was trending.

Just in case you didn’t immediately see the connection (it took us a few minutes too) …

Well, that “Era by DJ Zinhle” in this context can be loosely explained as “error”, like DJ Zinhle’s moves over the past few months. 

You know, like how she went back to the ex who didn’t treat her right?

Yeah … that. Needless to say, when tweeps finally got it, they were rolling on the floor with laughter.

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