Highlights: Uyajola 9/9 pulls up in Eastern Cape and Free State

Jub Jub’s Uyajola 9/9 was lit as usual on Sunday night, 25 July. The TV host and his crew again caught two men red-handed cheating on their partners in the Eastern Cape and Free State. In both the episodes, both the men were caught at their side chicks’ homes. Their excuses for cheating had Mzansi laughing out loud. One man claimed that he had gone fishing and had no taxi fare, which is why he slept at his side’s place.

The side chick in the first episode looked older than her bae but refused to be called old. She kept reminding Jub Jub not to say she’s old.

The viewers of the show took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the spicy episodes. check out what they had to say below:

@Mez_The_Star wrote: “It’s heart breaking yhooo. It’s really sad at least she got her man back, the question is will he stop his way coz its not nice to see a woman crying like that.”

@dima_onzima said: “Side chicks have energy.” @MphathiMotha wrote: “Eyi #Uyajola99Sunday will make you laugh.”

@Theemademoisel commented: “I love it when Jub Jub snitches. O mo reketse Pierre Cardin – making sure the other one heard clearly and it sinks in.” @nyiikoGift said: “Bathong, did this guy just say he met the girl yesterday and the reason he slept over it’s because he didn’t have taxi fare.”

@badlydrawndobs added: “This guy is quick of his toes with the fish story… talking about ‘I met this lady yesterday. I slept at her place because I didn’t have transport money’.”

Main Image: JustNje