Hilarious celebrity moms to follow on social media

Celebrity moms, they are just like us in many ways. Despite the fact that they lead glamorous lives, they also deal with a lot of the same issues we do as mothers. It’s refreshing to see our favorite leading ladies with messy hair and bags under their eyes from staying up late with their kids. Please enjoy this list of hilarious celeb moms you need to follow on social media.

Celebrity moms may seem like they always have it all together; they hire nannies, stylists, and publicists to make their lives look perfect. Yet, there are those famous moms that show us just how down-to-earth they actually are in real life. Thanks to social media, these celebs are able to share intimate moments with their fans.

These ladies are just like us in many ways.

Ntando Duma

Sbahle Mzizi, the cute three-year-old who has caught our attention from the day we saw a video of her on the net, has been appearing on her mom Ntando Duma’s feed a lot. The two share a lot in common, and also share a lot of differences that sometimes make them quarrel.

Like this other time when Sbahle sent a stern reminder for peeps to stop spreading their germs after her mom pulled a sneeze prank on her.

Hilary Duff

One actress who always manages keeps it real on Instagram is Hilary Duff. The mom of two is always posting adorable pics of her two kids, Luca and Banks. Her honest reflections on motherhood are so relatable that it’s easy to feel like she’s your best friend.

From posting beach pics of cellulite on her thighs to writing about the perils of pumping at work, Duff doesn’t hold back, and we totally love her for it. She may be famous but she deals with the exact same stuff we all do as moms. She’s one to follow, for sure.

Busy Phillips

Busy Phillips is one funny lady, and her Instagram feed is filled with parenting antidotes. She is so authentic as she shares life with her two daughters Birdie and Cricket. How adorable are those names? Her feed is filled with moments that we can all relate to as moms.

Our favorite incident was when she posted a video of her in tears because her little girl had left her favorite Teddy Bear named Radar on an airplane. She also peppers in pics of her looking fabulous with A-list celebrities so it’s super fun to catch glimpses of her glamorous life.

Kristin Bell

Kristin Bell may be a superstar, but she is totally down-to-earth on Instagram. The actress loves to show hilarious parenting moments with her fans. Although she never posts pics of her daughters’ faces, that doesn’t get in the way of Bell sharing adorable moments with Lincoln and Delta.

She also loves to give us a peek into married life with her husband, Dax Shepard. The couple always seems to be having the best time together, and it’s awesome to celebrate their life as a family on social media. It’s refreshing to see such a sweet and happy family in Hollywood.

Olivia Wilde

It doesn’t get much cuter that Olivia Wilde posting amusing mom moments on Instagram. The actress and mom to Otis and Daisy loves to share playful family pics with her fans. Her kids are the best, and her relationship with her husband, comedian Jason Sudeikis, is one to envy.

This woman seems to have it all as she can post a photo of her looking totally disheveled one minute and then share a pic of her looking fab on the red carpet the next. Tune in to see smiling children and messy rooms. You’ll totally relate to her take on motherhood.

Jennifer Garner

There are few celeb moms that are as genuine as Jennifer Garner. Her Instagram feed in filled with sweet moments with her three kids, Violet, Seraphina, and Samual. She may be a huge star but Garner is as real as they come. It’s so entertaining to see just how ordinary her life can be.

From cooking her favorite recipes to selling Girl Scout Cookies for her daughters in front of a Wholefoods Market, Garner lets it all hang out. Not only that, but we also can catch a glimpse of her on-set and posing with other fab celebs, so it’s the best of both worlds.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is fierce, both as a celebrity and a mom. Her Instagram feed is everything we would expect from someone so spunky. She’s always posting the most adorable pics of her two kids, Luna and Miles. Not to mention that her hot husband, musician John Legend, makes several appearances as well.

Tiegen is often slammed on social media by the mommy-shamers, but she has no problem standing up to them. She’s unapologetic and totally authentic in everything that she chooses to share with her fans. From family vacation pics to honest postpartum moments, Teigen is raw and unfiltered.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is another celeb mom that always manages to make her fans laugh on Instagram. Her candid take on pregnancy and motherhood is so entertaining. From swollen ankles to admitting that she broke her toilet seat while leaning back, Simpson has no filter.

Not to mention that she shares the most precious pics of her three kids, Maxwell, Ace, and Birdie. Fans get access to family personal moments and some of her professional moments from the fashion world find their way on her feed as well. It’s cool to watch on as Simpson juggles being a mom and a business mogul.

Ali Wong

Ali Wong is a comedian, and her Instagram feed is as funny as we would expect it to be. She has a no-holds-barred attitude when it comes to sharing parenting moments with fans. Wong has two daughters, and, although she is super private and doesn’t share their faces, she still lets us see just how crazy motherhood can get.

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