How South Africans will averagely spend on Christmas gifts this year

The money lending specialists Wonga have revealed how South Africans will averagely spend on Christmas gifts this year. It turns out as that as much as 75% of the year the country was faced with a horrible pandemic, Christmas still promises to be an expensive time for most South Africans.

Wonga released new data that shows that the average South African will spend an extra R5 673 during the festive season, with expenses ranging from travel, the jol, and of course, buying presents for friends and family.

Research shows that South Africans are ready to put a traumatic year behind them – for a few weeks at least – and pump hundreds of billions of rand back into a struggling economy. However, these figures are understandably down from last year, with the impact of COVID-19 still haunting the retail and hospitality industries

According to the statement released by Wonga, some Christmas gifts will give you the shock of your life. The stockings alone, could be filled with some very different gifts by the time 25 December comes round as a great 45% of respondents are asking for money as a present this year, whereas 19% in the survey said they’d be buying for themselves this year.

Wonga Stats

You have got to be on the look-out for number one, but that’s obviously not going to be at the expense of family. Around 75% of those quizzed say they plan to ‘spoil’ their relatives. Meanwhile, 21% of the sample size say they will be doing their shopping online, with 5% committed to making their own presents this year. And as for the spending breakdown? Check it out:

This festive season, the average South African will spend:

R1 354 on gifts and presents.

R1 909 on food and drinks.

R886 on transport costs

R792 on holiday accommodation.

R546 on unspecified expenses

R503 on ‘keeping themselves entertained’


Main Image: The Daily Meal