How to easily remove period stains out of your panties

Having your period unexpectedly can be the beginning of a series of uncomfortable and awkward events and mark the end for the pair of panties you happen to be wearing at the time.
This is especially tragic if the pair happens to be one of your favourites

While it isn’t always possible to save your panties from a stained and bloody end. Here are some tips and tricks that give you a better chance at loving your stained undies again.

Soak your undies ASAP

As soon as possible might not be as soon as you would like, especially if you are not at home.
Soaking the underwear in cold water as soon as you can is a lot better at lifting the blood from the material than hot water which is more likely to set the stain.
Add salt or baking soda to your soak for gentle stain removal that will be gentle on the fabric of your underwear.

Do not bleach!

Bleach may be a great stain remover, but it is also a great colour remover that can leave your undies discoloured, especially if your panties are a colour other than white.
Bleaching your undies could make your staining problem even bigger and possibly ruin the material of your undies too making it wearer and more likely to tear.

Get back to basics

Hand washing and air drying your undies gives a better wash than machine washing and tumble drying. can contribute to setting stains, discolouring and ageing your underwear quicker.
your undies are not stained, and you prefer to wash them in the washing machine, use the delicate wash setting.


Main Image: Youbeauty