I am against abuse in general Sjava speaks out on rape allegations with Lady Zamar

Award-winning musician Sjava has finally come forth and says he is finally putting to bed the rape allegation levelled against him by his former girlfriend, Lady Zamar (real name Yamikani Banda).

In a detailed lengthy video posted on his Instagram, the star addressed the sexual abuse allegations and he wanted to clarify the issue now since he was previously advised not to speak about the matter on social media or any media platforms (including traditional media).

“Umama” hitmaker started by explaining that he and Lazy Zamar met in 2017 and, at the time, he informed her that he had a girlfriend.

According to Sjava, Lady Zamar understood and accepted the fact but as time went on she changed her mind and gave him an ultimatum. She told him to choose between her and the other woman and that was the beginning of their relationship woes.

Sjava also put the record straight on reports that he was cheating on his wife. “I have never been married… I’m not married,” said Sjava. He also addressed numerous accusations of him being a dead beat dad and said “I do not have a child.”

“Ngempela” singer says he believes what really led to the situation between him and the “Collide” hitmaker was the incident at the Sun Arena concert when Sjava during the show introduced his “wife” to the audience. He stated that he understands that Lady Zamar felt disrespected and embarrassed by the incident. He apologised for it. “I apologise for putting her in that awkward situation where she felt embarrassed and was made to feel less of a person because people starting seeing her as a side chick, and scolding her for dating a married man. I also would like to apologise for not loving her the way she wished to be loved,” said Sjava.

Addressing the rape allegations, Sjava says it confuses him because they continued dating even after the alleged rape had taken place. He said he was even shocked to learn from Lady Zamar’s statement that she was afraid of him. “I am not a rapist. I have for years been advocating for abuse of any kind, any shape or form, be it women or children abuse, even alcohol abuse,” he said.

Sjava also explained that he opened the case of defamation and nothing has been forthcoming with regards to the case. “It’s been almost a year since these allegations have surfaced and I have lost everything. We’ve even tried to write to her legal team. They do not reply to requests for updates, and it’s painful now because I’ve lost my income. I’ve lost everything, I cannot work, I’ve been taken off shows, at this point I do not have any form of income because no one wants to work with me,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Sjava who recently joined SABC 1 popular soapie “Uzalo” was booted from the show due to a sexual assault case against him by Lady Zamar.

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