I’m Tired Of Lying About Me & The Industry

Although celebrated and loved by many South Africans and having received many accolades for her authentic music, Zaharahas had her fair share of ups and downs in the music industry.

Unfortunately, her downs have positioned her right in the middle of tabloid news on several occasions.

In 2012, Sunday World had reported that Zahara’s former record label – TS Records co-owned by DJ Sbu & TK Nciza had been taking advantage of the musician.

According to the newspaper it was alleged that Zahara’s siblings had approached the paper to reveal that their sister was “treated with disdain” and that they were given a lot of empty promises that were never fulfilled.

The allegations were so serious it was even reported that Zahara was living with the Nciza’s and had no control of her finances, making her desperate for money.

At the time of the story getting published, Zahara quickly denounced the allegations in a series of tweets, stating that TS records has been nothing but good to her and that whoever was trying to break her family was going to fail in doing so.

Fast-forward to 2019 and Zahara is singing a different tune, not about TS Records but about the music industry as a whole.

In a recent Instagram post Zahara opened up by stating that she wanted to speak her truth about her music and record labels and that she doesn’t want to be a statistic.

“Molweni emzantsi, i’m tired of lying about me and the industry. Like i said i’m not here to be praised but to inspire and tell my story.. now i’m ready to tell the truth… call me here 065 615 4871 I don’t want to be a statistic. This account is not hacked.. I’m talking about my music and the record labels,” she wrote.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Zahara explained that she is drowning and battling in the industry because of people who robbed her.

Zahara revealed to the publication that she is currently in talks with her lawyers to get back what rightfully belongs to her.

Zahara revealed that she is ready to tell the truth to whoever is willing to listen and advises all young and coming artists to know their worth and fight for what is theirs.

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