IN MEMES | When Schumie said, ‘Haaibo object-a kaloku!’ tweeps died!

It looks like Schumacher suddenly remembering where his bread is buttered may have just saved Goodness’s sinking rape case. And when he felt “victimised” on that witness stand, he also put on his “Xhosa lawyer” cap and fans loved it.

Schumie, who has been dating Goodness’s mother Tgom, was called as a witness in the rape case against Thabiso by Goodness. After Petronella’s testimony looked like it further buried Goodness, despite Patty’s best intentions, it was up to Schumacher to help turn things around and he came through hard.

But more than his surprising composure, tweeps were impressed that Schumie was quick to “protect” himself when he felt like Thabiso’s hardcore lawyer was beating him into a corner.

Look… when he said “haaibo object-a kaloku” tweeps just lost themselves in laughter.

They also had the memes ready.

Main image credit: Twitter.

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