Watch: DJ Sbu heads to Bree taxi rank to personally sell Mofaya energy drink!

Making millions and gracing the covers of top magazines is not enough to stop DJ Sbu from going out there and hustling like the rest of us.

It’s been a few days since DJ Sbu visited New York radio show, The Breakfast Club, and gave his brand ‘MoFaya’ some international promo but he’s not letting that momentum die down.

DJ Sbu managed to showcase 2 cans of the MoFaya energy drink in a snap with Charlamagne Tha God.

A true inspiration to the local youth, DJ Sbu recently took to social media to share his experience at Bree taxi rank in Johannesburg. Although you wouldn’t normally expect to find your favourite celebrity at a taxi rank, DJ Sbu went to Bree to personally promote and sell his MoFaya energy drink.

Check him out below:

In a recent interview with SlikourOnLife, the entrepreneur shared the grave mistakes he had made earlier in his career when he began to earn ‘real’ money.

“At some point when I was younger, I needed validation and I thought validation came from me wearing a Burberry jacket, parking a Porsche or an Aston Martin outside, wearing a Rolex watch – I still love the finer things in life. I thought it made me feel better and I felt it made me somebody,” he said.

Having grown in his career and become a successful entrepreneur, it clearly shows in the DJ’s endeavours that he lives not only to be a successful entrepreneur but also to inspire the youth. Fans retweeted his posting, showing him love and support.

Although we might not know how much he made that day- according to the footage- it seems that the locals did show the hustler a lot of support.

Picture credit: LS Times

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