Khuli Chana to donate 100 school uniforms

It’s that time of the year again where most unemployed parents have to stress about where the money for school uniform and stationary will come from. Thanks to celebrities like Khuli Chana, a 100 homes will be spared that stress as he reveals plans to donate 100 school uniforms.

The rapper claimed some families started the year with nothing, while others celebrated in plenty.

He’s urged people to render financial help, so his plan of donating uniforms can come true.

“Festive season is done we all had our fun with our families but the sad thing is that some families kick start the year with close to nothing. So I and my team are trying to put an end to this by going to the #ExtraMile , we want to donate 100 school uniforms. I am looking for anyone who can assist me with this goal, who is going the #ExtraMile with me,” he wrote.

Main Image: Last.FM