Zonke applauded for wiping student’s R3ok debt.

Zonke applauded for wiping student’s R3ok debt.

Many celebrities have spoken out about the issue of college affordability. But not all of them actually put their money where their mouths are. Zonke Dikana, on learning about a student’s financial struggles, came out in good faith to relieve the student’s debt.

Bubu Sithole, who is a student, took to Twitter to share her pain after she was denied registration because she owed R29,000 in unpaid fees.

In a detailed tweet, Bubu said she had been rejected by NSFAS twice, even though she provided proof that her mother had died and her father was living with a disability.

“I’m currently packing my bags and going back home because I have outstanding fees and can’t register. I owe R29k and they want R17k for me to register provisionally. I was rejected by NSFAS twice in a row, even after I sent them my mother’s death certificate and my dad’s disability papers.”

“I applied for a fundi eduloan but it was declined. I’m gonna send through an appeal for NSFAS again this year. My heart aches so much, I just wanted to go to school. That’s all.”

While it looked like there was no hope for the student, Zonke acted and said she would like to help pay her outstanding fees.

“Have you left yet? Please let me help you stay in school.”

On learning about the great news, the excited student took to social media to express her gratitude to the local songstress.

Image: The Citizen