Is it the end or its just a break?

South African dance extraordinaire Zodwa Wabantu gained status after showcasing her distinctive dance talents at Durban’s common eatery, Eyadini. However, there was once every other facet of her lifestyles that used to be of passion to the masses – Her love life.

Zodwa used to be in a long term dating with the much younger, Ntobeko Linda. Whilst they loved the reality of their courting, outsiders in most cases ridiculed them, particularly with regard to Ntobeko’s young age.

For the longest time, Zodwa by no means misplaced sleep over the detrimental complaint about her love existence, which then indicated that these two might if truth be told to figure out. a Couple Of months ago, Zodwa was given down on one knee and proposed marriage to Ntobeko(of which he stated sure).

The heartwarming proposal was carried out at Eyadini. a few weeks after the proposal, Zodwa announced that the marriage was off; mentioning ”nerves” and Ntobeko’s age as the catalysts behind the breakup. Well, if the latest studies are anything to go by means of, the romance between those two has long gone out the window. According to ilanga Langesonto, the future does no longer look too bright for Zodwa and Ntobeko.

The television reality superstar confirmed to the newsletter that certainly they’ve taken spoil from each and every different. “We have taken damage from the connection. I had anxiety over this relationship, so we decided to take a smash. For now, I’m taking part in my life, perhaps one day, we may get again in combination”.

Zodwa additionally discussed that they both agreed to test waters with other folks… Speaking of folks, it used to be said within the article that, Zodwa was once observed in the palms of every other more youthful man- Vusi Buthelezi at the Durban July lately.

The two are alleged to be in a new relationship, on the other hand, Zodwa explained that they are simply working in combination. Upon contact with Ntobeko Linda, he rebuffed the rumors that they have got damaged up, then again, he did admit that they have now not seen each different shortly however still remain in touch.

“I Am currently busy with my very own issues. I do not need time to be in dating. If she (Zodwa) has moved on with her life, then I haven’t any problem with that.” The newsletter also established contact with Vusi, who reiterated Zodwa’s phrases – that they’re best running together. Vusi is currently studying at the University of Technology (DUT). It is really unlucky that Zodwa and Ntiobeko are calling it quits. They made such an adorable couple.

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