It’s safe to say Lewis Hamilton must leave the tennis playing to Novak Djokovic

Lewis Hamilton took some time out from his busy driving schedule and decided to play some tennis with daddy dearest, and let’s just say, not everyone is a jack of all trades. Lewis should just leave this ball game to Novak Djokovic and stick to Formula One because at least everyone knows he’s great at that.

Recently crowned seven-time F1 drivers’ champion, Hamilton to his Twitter page and shared a video of himself shirtless being in the tennis court – to have a hit with his father, Anthony. Big ups to him for at least for admitting that neither he nor his father are “great” at tennis but are “trying to get better”.

Hamilton captioned his post saying: “My dad and I aren’t great at tennis, but we are trying to get better. I always use a slice to beat him and he always falls for it. He’s finally got me today. People ask me, how will you celebrate? We’ve got life to celebrate and spending time with family is how I am celebrating.”

Mercedes’ Hamilton clinched his record-tying seventh title in Turkey last weekend. Hamilton, still only 35, and Michael Schumacher are now level on seven titles apiece. The three remaining races in the 2020 F1 season will take place over the next three weekends in Bahrain (twice) and Abu Dhabi.

Main Image: Goodwood