#johnvuligatechallenge: Festive season is officially unlocked

Summertime is in and the festive season has officially been unlocked by the trendy and groovy #johnvuligatechallenge

The Yanos are doing the most right now in terms of mood setting, and we’re absolutely here for it. The #johnvuligatechallenge when a video clip of a group of ladies dancing at a garage started dancing. In the video, the ladies are not only making a fashion statement with their dress sense, but they dance like we’re in December already.

With “John vul’igate” by Mapara A Jazz playing in the background, the aim is clearly not to sweat as the ladies dance with class in the video. A lot of Twitter users decided to join in on the fun and showcase their dancing skills, including the Isibaya actress, Asavela Mngqithi.

See below videos from the #johnvuligatechallenge:




Main Image: Opera News