Jub Jub shares prison life and new music on live TV

South Africa woke up to a special feature from Jub Jub, real name Molemo Maarohanye as he shared his life in prison, how it’s changed him and the way forward.

Hip hip artist who seemed genuinely sorry for his actions and is ready to learn from them with hopes to make a difference is back to his music and is ready to make things right.

Molemo shared that experience in prison has sharpened his character – “Prison is everything that you think it is and more, there is nothing nice about it, it broke me down and at times I find it hard to cope.”

On moving on, Jub Jub’s manager Pablo shared recently that “Molemo is a musician and nothing that has happened to him will change that.”

Life After Prison

It cannot be easy for an artist to get back to where he left off after serving some jail time. Most artists fail to make a comeback, for example, TI, it’s just not the same.shared his song on national television, check it here – hit or miss?

Jub Jub shared his song on national television, check it here – hit or miss?

Can you forgive? Does he get a second chance with his fans?

Seems genuinely sorry. He adds on to say : “Thank you for being a forgiving nation SA


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