Kairo donates 100 kiddies masks for school

Most moms are full of great advice, and are inveterate teachers in general. It’s not uncommon for kids to learn to be philanthropists from their mothers (and mother figures), so it’s no surprise that Kairo Forbes, at her age already, is giving away 100 kiddies masks for free!

Of course she learns from her mother, who is also very big on giving to the underprivileged. Remeber when Zinhle and Pearl Thusi made sandwiches for kids who are less fortunate? That’s the same spirit Kairo is on!

The great news of Kairo giving away kiddies masks for free were dropped by DJ Zinhle on twitter on some; ”Kairo will be donating 100 kiddies masks. Visit her Instagram page to find out how you can win these masks for a school of your choice.”

A lot of users took to the cooments section to share their excitement about this act of good and had the following to say:

We have to give to Kairo, this is a great move girl especially since our young ones are going back to school and only God knows where their fate lays during this Covid-19 era.

Main Image: All4women