Kelly Khumalo and Chad to separate again?

This after the high-profile couple deleted pics of each other off their respective Instagram accounts The on/off-again couple – who reportedly wed in April – have been keeping a low profile for the last few weeks. Whereas before they were big on PDA and taking every chance to tell the world about their love for each other, they’ve now gone radio silent. And if their social media accounts are anything to go by, the stars have now separated. 

In fact, Kelly has deleted EVERY SINGLE post from 2019 including snaps of her nuptials, their collaboration on song Gwalaand baptism she undertook with Chad back in May. But the DanceComigo star has been sharing some very telling quotes on her Instagram stories. 

Chad, on the other hand, has been busy posting about his new single SameSh*t DifferentDay featuring Emtee. He even shared a cozy post with video vixen and socialite Katy Omarjee from behind the scenes of his new music video.

Chad has been snaring snaps with video vixen Katy Omarjee Credit: Instagram @chad_da_don_official

And fans have noticed something is amiss too. “I think he and Kelly broke up”, one fan wrote in the comments section.
Neither Kelly nor Chad has addressed the rumours and it may be a while until we hear any official comment. Let’s just hope they kiss and make-up soon!

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