Kelly Khumalo and sister have a fallout and fans are heartbroken.

We believe that blood is thicker than water and whatever fallout Kelly Khumalo and her sister Zandie Khumalo are having currently, will be resolved. We also believe that money is the root of all evil, that is why it is the main catalyst in their current fight.

Zandie Khumalo has released a scathing statement which left fans shocked, announcing her decision to split from her sister and popular songstress Kelly Khumalo.

This after Kelly released a statement distancing herself from an alleged scam in which Zandie’s husband Mhlo Gumede was allegedly involved.

Zandie, however, took to Instagram to express her views on the matter and how hard it is going be to “love her sister from a distance”, labelling Kelly’s statement “haphazard, premature and unnecessary”.

“If I was divorcing my husband maybe it would have been a little bit easier and lighter but I am separating from a person I have known for all my life and have shared laughs, pain, excitement and disappointment with all my life with, my sister,” Zandie began.

Kelly released a statement earlier this week in response to reports that claimed Mhlo had allegedly embezzled R15,000 from a KZN-based event organiser using Kelly’s name and brand.

“With all due respect, Mhlo Gumede is my sister’s husband and manager, not my bookings manager nor part of my team, never was and never will be. So whatever dealings you may have with him Do NOT involve me. Thank you,” Kelly wrote in the caption that accompanied her full statement on Wednesday.

Kelly seemed to be heartbroken by her sister’s words and even told a fan in her Instagram comment section that things would never be the same for them after this.

“It is all well, I accept defeat, She wins, in fact, they both win. I wish them nothing but the best. This hurts more than I thought it would, but it is well,” said Kelly.

Well whatever is going between the sisters needs to seriously end soon because we can’t deal with seeing our two favorite sisters fight…. we just can’t.

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