KO: You’ll burn out trying to chase an old version of yourself

Even before he was the front man of the rap group Teargas, KO was already great with words and that’s part of the reason why he could confidently retaliate when a tweep suggested his peak has passed.

Replying to a tweet from a fan who tagged him to tell him that he thought his best days were done, KO said his intention was not to chase the old KO because the new one is bigger and better!

“The aim is not to, you’ll burn out trying to chase an old version of yourself. But I vow to continue pushing the envelope with each offering to help catapult me to new heights…”

KO went on to speak about how he appreciated all the hardships he’s been through because they have shaped him into the man he is. 

Talking on his recent collaboration with a former Teargas member, Ma-E, KO said it was a great experience. And, although Teargas will never reunite, working together to help each other on their individual journeys was great as well.

“Life happens and that’s how we got here. Forever grateful for our stellar run as a group. Every man is now solely focused on his Individual path. Stay blessed.”

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