Kwesta goes into the fashion world with an international brand

It seems like our ‘’bae with the voice,’’ Kwesta Dakar has other interests besides music, like the fashion industry..

Besides having a gold-selling album as part of his accolades, Kwesta has revealed his fashion label that’s being launched with Brand Agency.

The Ngud’ hitmakers clothing line offers traditional styled to stylish T-shirts, including trendy sleeveless hoodies and fashionable leather caps to name a few.

In no time, Kwesta’s clothing line will be the next big thing since it’s launched by Brand Agency, the brand well-known for distributing international clothing brands such as Nena & Pasadena, one of Australia’s leading streetwear brands.

You can find the rapper’s line on the shelves of Arrow in Eastgate Mall or Nena & Pasadena in the Mall of Africa.

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