Kwesta retires from club gigs

He may be one of the biggest artists in Mzansi at the moment, but don’t expect to see Kwesta performing in the club after July, because the man is done with that life.

The Spirit rapper shocked many on Friday morning when he announced that he is calling time on his club gig career.

In a tweet, he simply wrote: “Ending my club gig career this July … “

The artist did not give reasons for the decision.

The announcement, which comes just days after comedian Tol Ass Mo called time on his stand-up comedy career, shook the internet and was met with hundreds of comments.

Many of his fans suggested the star was just taking time to be with his family.

“You will be back. I give it a year or two. Enjoy the honeymoon phase bro. Cn’t wait to welcome you back,” wrote Mukovhedegrt1.

Others suggested he was focusing on “big things”.

“A shark can’t be swimming with lil fishes…I feel you boy…you have international written all over you,” wrote Kabelo Matlejoan.

Then there were those who were just heartbroken by the news and tried to persuade him against it.

“You betraying us now. Sisuka kude nawe,” Jayden Nyathi wrote.

The internet was filled with memes and messages debating Kwesta’s decision.

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Main credit: Tshisa Live.