Kwesta, Thabsie and KO releases a new album ‘God Guluva’

Rapper Kwesta has released his new album God Guluva and the fans have already dished out their comments with regards to the album.

The album is realised years after the release of DaKAR II in February 2016.

Even though it took a long time to be released, Mzansi is more exited for hits from the nation’s hottest rappers.

The album is loaded with 15 tracks full of potential hits, and features vocalist Thabsie and K.O.

Here what the fans had to say about Kwesta’s album on twitter:


Thabsie hinted on her collab with Kwesta earlier this year.

Chatting with reporters, the vocalist spoke about their love song she believes is sure to win over Mzansi.

“You know, Kwesta and I its been long since we have not been in studio together since making Ngiyaz’fela Ngawe , its five or six years ago, so the pressure was definitely on!.

“We felt like ‘Oh my gosh’ there’s an expectation for us to make another hit. But we decided to  remove all that pressure and make another song. This process was very different because it was just literally him and I in studio.

“We made a really nice ove song and it’s not as sombre as Ngiyaz’fela. It’s more positive and light. It reminds me of nostalgic and young love. I think South Africa is really gonna like it,” Thabsie said.


Image Credit: Youtube