Lasizwe Dambuza: ”A wig is like a pantie, you don’t share those things!”

Lasizwe Dambuza is one male Mzansi celebrity who is not shy to rock a wig. Being the flamboyant character that he is, Lasizwe knows a thing or two about the hidden code of the wig – people do not share their wigs! There are just some things in that life that are not meant to be shared. Just like a toothbrush, underwear or contact lenses, wigs are in the same WhatsApp ground.

People love to watch him and cannot get enough of the hilarious but true life truth bombs that he’s constantly dropping on social media. Someone has to say these things. Lasizwe is a YouTube sensation who uses wigs to get into character. If you are a wig wearer then you will know that somehow each wig makes you feel some type of way that truly has an effect on your character – if a split personality was an item, it would be a wig! After being asked for one of his wigs by a fan, Lasizwe felt the need to let her know the unwritten code. Wigs become a part of a person that just cannot be shared. Lasizwe would probably by sis a wig but never would he give away one of his own, that’s like giving away a piece of you.

“A wig is like a pantie, you don’t share those things!”

Getting where Lasizwe was coming from, fellow wig-wearing fans took to the comment section of his post to back him up. Wigs are just too personal to share and wig-wearing peeps would totally get it. If you wouldn’t share your underwear or toothbrush, then leave other peoples wigs alone.

Others felt Lasizwe was being a tad rude and could have just said no. Not everyone feels wigs are as personal as panties, some don’t even feel sharing panties is that strange.

Main Image: East Coast Radio