Lasizwe sets the record straight on new copycat claims: I gave her credit!

Social media influencer and vlogger Lasizwe has come out to dismiss claims that he’s copied yet another concept for one of his latest videos.

The comedian’s latest video got mixed reactions from people who complained that they’ve seen the same concept done by an upcoming skit maker known on Twitter as Waybeline. They weren’t impressed that Lasizwe was passing the work off as his own, exclusively.

He addressed the backlash in an interview with reporters, explaining that the woman in question was actually now part of his creative team.

“Me being accused of stolen concept again. This time around the actual original creator has come out to defend me because I asked for permission before re-creating. The worst part is, as it stands, I’ve asked her to be a part of my team so we can work together. So she’s actually working with me and writing some of the concepts that people will see in the future.”

Waybeline also posted a statement defending Lasizwe.

Lasizwe also slammed people that are quick to accuse him of copying concepts, saying if he’s putting his real life experiences into video skits, that doesn’t mean nobody else goes through what he goes through.

“To be honest… content is all the same in this day and age, everyone is kind of doing the same thing. And there’s no such thing as people owning content and all of those things… Yes, it may be your idea but we all go through more or less the same things.”

Lasizwe explained that he saw video concepts the same way musicians see songs that they sample. In his eyes, as long as it was communicated with the original content creator – when he/she is known – then there’s no issue in re-creating it if there’s enough individual uniqueness added.

“The thinking behind content ‘recreation’ is the same as the ones musicians go through. A great example is AKA with his The World Is Yours sample, or even Cassper with his Destiny song. 

“So me sending the original content creator a message to say, ‘Listen, can I re-do your video?’ That is me saying I loved your work and I would like to take a spin with it and add my spunk and funk to it.”

Lasizwe was dragged by American influencer and vlogger Jay versace last year, after he accused him of always biting his ideas. The reality TV star said he didn’t see it as stealing when the concepts were everyday things experienced by everyone.

“To take it back to Jay Versace, with the whole video call (copy cat claims) thing… We all have phones or iPhones and we all make video calls. We all have that experience of the one friend that you try to video call and tell the latest to but they don’t pick up the phone, leaving you disappointed.”

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