Babes finally confessed to dragging Lady Zamar’s skin

Babes fans are hiding their faces and having difficulties defending her and convincing the rest of Mzanzi her account was hacked. She claimed she was hacked and refused to have said anything about Lady Zamar’s skin. However, she is admitting to dragging Lady Zamar for her skin and has issued an apology.

Her die-hard fans and people who looked up to her as inspiration were disappointed when Babes allegedly posted a video on social media mocking the award-winning house singer Lady Zamar. It’s been quite sometime now women from all industries have urged women to support and love each other.

Babes told drum: “Yazini (You know what)? I love Lady Zamar and she knows that. I was just upset by the comments she made to some of the contestants on idols, but I understand I shouldn’t have sworn at her or made fun of her face. I used to have pimples too.”

However, Lady Zamar handled the situation like a queen and ignored Babes Wodumo’s remarks.

She told her fans: “When you’re sure about what you want and who you are =, there will be a lot of hatred. Mostly born of jealousy/envy and some just pure evil. But keep on being you. Keep being unique and absolutely beautiful”.

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Written by: Thabile Jaku.

Main Image Credit: Bona