Cape Flats version of Beyoncs irreplaceable

While Beyoncé titled her hit single ‘Irreplaceable’ back in 2006, we are pretty sure that little did she know South African talent would replace her single with a better version of it.

Felicity Kiran, Anray Amasure and Lauren-Lee Bock caused a stir on the internet when they dropped a remix video of Irreplaceable. The three cast for a musical show called ‘Woman2Woman’ which aims to celebrate women.

Ten percent of the show's profit will go towards The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA).

Fame seemed to be the last thing in mind for the show organizers who tried the video idea as a way to promote their show.

The trio also recorded Dear Mr. President by Pink and Hit Em Up Style by Blu Cantrell not knowing that Cape Town’s version of Irreplaceable would be their one way ticket to fame.

Felicity said that she was stopped by a female who wanted to know if that was her in the video.

"It’s crazy! I didn’t want to be known as the jou ma se girl because that’s not who I am. A woman actually walked up to me and asked me if I was that girl in the video and I shyly admitted it was me," she said.

Anray said that a group of guys walked past her and sang, "Stap links! Stap links".

"It was really funny," she added.

We don’t know about your thoughts, but we think this remix should be weighed on an international level scale

Watch here 

The 5th cast who's had to learn The Capetonian version Beyoncés "IRREPLACEABLE"Cape flats style!!!We call it "STAP LINKS"Please share if you proudly SA!!!!WOMAN 2 WOMANBOOKINGS AT COMPUTICKET!28/29 OCT!#RBL

Posted by Ramaine Barreiro-Lloyd on Thursday, 11 August 2016


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