Cardi B, Selena Gomez, Stevie Wonder and more musicians respond to Trump and Capitol chaos!

A number of prominent musicians spoke up on social media about the rioting by supporters of Donald J. Trump on Capitol Hill Wednesday, most either condemning the president for being responsible for the violence or comparing the tame law enforcement response to what went down during last year’s Black Lives Matter protests. Some were not shy about invoking the 25th amendment. Angry voices emerging from the music world ran a gamut that included Cardi B, Pink, Tom Morello, Paul Stanley. Tommy Lee, Sara Bareilles, Maren Morris, Questlove, Margo Price and Questlove.

Tweeted Stevie Wonder: “It is time for the leaders of this country to invoke the 25th Amendment. Isn’t it obvious? Today has made me sad with disbelief with what is happening in my country, a country that has inspired my songs of hope and love…. I am heartbroken and astounded that this narcissistic and dangerous president would put lives in danger and encourage violent sedition against our government. That man is no longer able to serve as President because he can’t accept defeat. Can we afford 2 more weeks? I say NO!”

Selena Gomez tagged figures representing the major social media services and wrote, “Today is the result of allowing people with hate in their hearts to use platforms that should be used to bring people together and allow people to build community. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Jack Dorsey, Sundar Pichal, Susan Wojcicki — you have all failed the American people today, and I hope you’re going to fix things going forward.”

Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee was blunt in his language. “Hey Fuckhead,” he tweeted, addressing Trump. “Tell you(r) covidiots to go home…its a wrap, ya’ll lost, GTFOH!! and while you’re at it YOU get the fuck outta here too before people get seriously hurt!”

“F**king disgrace,” wrote Sara Bareilles, in response to a taped presidential speech that seemed sympathetic toward the rioters — “I know your pain. I know your hurt. But you have to go home. We love you, you’re very special” — in response to Trump’s remarks being disapprovingly tweeted by Ava DuVernay.

“The irony is pretty funny,” said Cardi B. “Weren’t people just wild animals in the summer for demanding justice — and now?”

“No one ever gets to dismiss white privilege again,” tweeted Finneas.