Neo Ramitshana | ‘I’m so disgusted & outraged

“I’m so disgusted, outraged and hurt! What a way to conclude one’s Women’s Day!” she wrote in a lengthy Facebook post after being manhandled by a bouncer.

Neo Ramitshana took to her social media regarding an attack she faced while going to ‘Altitude Rooftop Restaurant and Bar’ in Pretoria for an outing on Women’s Day.

The incident began when Neo realized she had forgotten her takeaway and as she was heading back to fetch it the bouncer denied her access. That’s when the trouble began.

“As I turn around, I am then grabbed by a mountain of a man… Shouting “TAG”, I’m like; “I’m just going to fetch my food I’m leaving”. Then I proceed… He then grabs me by the neck, strangling me to pull me so I don’t proceed. I’m then aggravated and shouting “WTF”, and he proceeds to slap me around!” she wrote.

Neo says she was assaulted by several of their bouncers and stripped naked as a result of this incident.

When management was informed apparently, he dismissed her complaint and excused himself saying he had to go attend to Miss South Africa.

 “Guys, I’m visibly pregnant, I’m a woman, and not that it matters but WE WERE FLIPPEN CELEBRATING WOMEN’S FLIPPEN DAY!” she added. 

The police later came after hours says Neo.

Altitude is denying the claims and is confident the CCTV will prove otherwise.

The bouncer has apparently as the company is doing an internal investigation. The case is being investigated by the police.

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Written by: Thabile Jaku.