Kasi Mlungu and her love for black culture!

While some people might call township life ‘’ratchet’’ or ‘’ghetto,’’ a white woman who has gladly accepted the name ‘’Kasi Mlungu’’ finds everything about the hood amusing.

From popping a few ngudus (beer quarts) to driving with the window of her car rolled down and house music blaring from her vehicle, Anita Ronge, 26, has become a guest of honour for residents in Leboeng section, Tembisa.

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Strangely, the presence of the white Afrikaans woman among residents (mostly males) hardly gets a reaction from passers-by in this part of Tembisa anymore.

All because she has been coming to this section and other parts of the township almost every weekend for the past three years.

Anita has even scored herself names such as Kasi Mlungu aka Stoko sa Lekgoa. In her music circles she is also known as DJ DuchAz, and is probably, the only white female house/kwaito DJ in the land.

Last week, the Kasi Mlungu set twitter on fire when she tweeted: "I get rejected for not being black enough and being too black to be white… I'm #kasiMlungu & I'm proud." The tweet featured a photo of her waving a grass broom.

Many responded by testing her knowledge of black culture, which some said was just a "performance" that would fade away. It got personal, with some users calling her a "nutcase" who had a thing for black men.

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In an interview with the Sowetan publication, DuchAz said her love for black culture started at school when she befriended black kids and she later fell in love with a black boy in high school.

"My school was 98% white and you can imagine the kind of hate I got mainly from white people. I was called names such as KFC (K***** F***ing Chick). They said I was downgrading. I didn't care.

 I was happy with who I am. I still don't give a s*** about what people have to say about me," said DuchAz, who is open about her love for the ANC.

The mother of the Kasi Mlungu, Annatjie, 60, said her daughter's lifestyle had made them outcasts to their relatives. DuchAz's father died when she was 12 years old.

"I'm proud of who she is but many people in our family are still racists and they can't stand the fact that my daughter goes to Tembisa and hangs out with black people. It got to a point where we don't even get invites to family gatherings anymore. We accept that," Annatjie said.

DuchAz also slammed down nasty comments from social media trolls who suggested that she was doing this for attention.

"I've been doing this for years. Tembisa is my home – a place where I can be free and be myself. My skin is just white but inside I'm black," she said.

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DuchAz's friends in the township said they were not bothered by the reaction she got on social media.

"She is like our blood sister. She eats what we eat, sleeps where we sleep.

"She spends 90% of her time with us and only 10% with her own family," said Leo Khoza.

Lesibane Mosehla said: "Whatever hate that she is getting right now means nothing to us, we know who she is. She is a good person and we tell her that she must not let the hate get her down."

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