Lundi Tyamaras manager reaches out for prayers and support.

It has been four weeks since Lundi Tyamara went into a Johannesburg health facility as he battles stomach TB and a liver condition. While his situation worsened in the past couple of days, sources who recently visited the star claim that he is currently battling it out on life support.

“He is not breathing by himself, he is on life support and it’s not looking promising at all, but his family has not given up hope and they have asked the public to prayer for Lundi’s recovery,” the sources revealed.


Meanwhile, the management, family and friends of Lundi Tyamara reached out to South Africans to ask for prayers for the talented gospel star.

"We appreciate the hard work and the care that the nursing and medical staff at the hospital has been putting in for his recovery. We are also thankful for the outpouring of support from all quarters of the South African society and our neighbouring countries," his management team said in a statement.

The statement went on to say, "We ask his fans, supporters, followers, well-wishers and the general public to keep praying for his healing as his condition remains worryingly critical. As believers we know that through God's intervention he will overcome these illnesses."

His manager Anele Hlazo said that they will regularly share updates on his condition.

"We are not giving up on Lundi. We believe that through God's grace he will pull through. He may not be doing well right now, but he is a fighter," he said.

Picture credit: DRUM.CO.ZA

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