Pupils at Hoërskool Pretoria West campus demand skinny jeans as uniform or no class!

While some schools in rural areas are demanding for the government to deliver them textbooks and a roof over their classes, pupils at a city school are boycotting classes, demanding to wear skinny pants instead of normal cut pants.

Hoërskool Pretoria West campus turned into a mini battle zone as pupils demanded to be allowed to wear tight-fitting pants instead of the common grey, school uniform cut.

The pupils, boys and girls, stood up to express their unhappiness with the school rule by going on a defiance campaign at the school.

They threatened to wear their preferred cut of pants until the school authorities relented.

They say the usual school uniform cut is “too big” for them.

“They chase us away and refuse us access to learning because of our skinny pants.

“They are forcing us to dress how they want, yet we also want to have a say in how we look,” one of the pupils said.

“Last week they made some of us take them off and they cut them up; they have no rights (to do so),” said one pupil, without explaining what alternatives those stripped of their pants used to cover up.

On a poster the pupils wrote: “We are going to wear our skinny pants daily until they allow us to.” The school has a rule not to allow in any pupil not in full school uniform or in the prescribed cut.

However, some pupils said the school’s code of conduct was constantly being changed and that it targeted black pupils in particular, as the rules were most applicable to them.

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Picture credit: IOL

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