The new face of Reebok Nadia Nakai

The solution is a hell YAAS. Nadia Nakai is indeed the most recent face and newest member of the health and way of life logo! Reebok says that the rapper embodies what it means ‘to be bold, colourful and courageous’, making for the very best emblem alignment.

Bragga now joins fellow rapper AKA, as they rep South Africa because of the faces of Reebok. The news comes in a while after A. Nadia dropped her album, Nadia Naked, at the end of June and B. Nadia introduced the release of her latest attire collection for streetwear brand, Redbat – she’s clearly on a roll. Ain’t nothing stopping this fierce femme! Nadia will undoubtedly inject a good higher dose of self-belief and effort into the Reebok logo and we’re loopy serious about this information.

Brand Director of Reebok South Africa, PJ Morilly, says, ‘Nadia’s edginess and individuality obviously define the attributes of what Reebok personifies – an emblem that’s not afraid to exceed the limits of innovation and problem the norms. Through bodily process or fitness, we have the facility to change other folks’ lives and we’re overjoyed about this association with the hip hop queen with the intention to inform this positive narrative.’

Nakai explains that she has found a brand new love for fitness, with boxing giving her both confidence and staying power. ‘I can’t imagine a better partner to sign up for me in this journey than Reebok,’ explained Nakai.

‘I feel extremely excited and blessed to have partnered with a brand that truly acknowledges the individuality that we as artists want to exude, and the fashion-forward trends are exactly the style cues that I enjoy and believe represent my personality and outlook on life.’

We’ll be maintaining an eye out for all of the warmth that will likely be served by means of Nadia Nakai and Reebok.

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