The Scalo fashion range plays the long game in Mabonengs heart!

There is no such thing as ‘identifying signage’ when a guests steps inside the newly launched Scalo studio in the heart of Maboneng.

On Thursday evening, our gossip team almost swore that they were in ‘The Big Apple’ as Scalo, in association with Martell Cognacs – marked their territory with a studio right in the heart of Maboneng.

As we got there, celebrities, photographers, models, guests and Martell ambassadors had already begun filling the studio’s bays. Thousands of exquisite garments were lined-up on racks, while shoes and other fashion accessories were stacked high on shelves, all ready to be displayed by good-looking models.

Judging from how the fashion parade rolled-out, Scalo has definitely ramped up its presence to be among South Africa’s best clothing designers.

Unlike other fashion gurus who are known to have ‘diva tendencies’, Sello Medupe has proven to be one of the most humblest, bubbly, and a very friendly fashion designer. This may sound quite impossible to believe since his exquisite creations can be seen admiring the likes of Lira, Thembi Seete, Zizo Beda, Pearl Modiadie, Boity Thulo, Nomzamo Mbatha and Vuyo Dabula.

Sharing some of his plans to his guests during a little speech, Sello revealed that his fashion stable is looking at designing sneakers.

‘’It is not yet confirmed, but yeah, we are looking forward to be bringing you new designs, who knows, maybe we can even add sneakers on to our collection [chuckles].’’

We know that everyone is beautiful inside, but with Scalo’s designs, everyone and everything is beautiful even on the outside…

Scalo’s studio is now open at 10 Van Beek Street, Johannesburg (Maboneng).

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