Zozibini and Kolisi save a disrupted SONA

Well we have to agree that it was a stormy night in parly yesterday. President Cyril Ramaphosa’s fourth State of the Nation Address saw it go from a formal presidential announcement to a noisy primary school classroom when the SONA speech was met by a fiery opposition, the EFF.

In the days leading up to SONA 2020, it looked highly likely that opposition party EFF led by CIC Julius Malema was going to dominate headlines and disrupt Cyril Ramaphosa’s big night.

And so it proved to be. It was just another another parliament night full of ”order, order” calls from the speaker.

While majority thought Jacob Zuma would be EFF’s prey as usual, the former president did not make the trip from his Cuban medical facility to attend the State of the Nation Address, in conflict with a bout of premature tweeting from Parliament which caused officials much embarrassment and clear frustration.

It was apartheid’s last ruler, FW de Klerk, who would take up the mantle of the most attacked former leader in the room.

While EFF MPs pointed at De Klerk and chanted “Nawu Satan” (here is Satan), in the public gallery upstairs attention had shifted to two more palatable subjects.

Well of course we didn’t expect Ramaphosa not to use a little extra star power – which he got in the shape of Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi and Springbok captain Siya Kolisi.

Resplendent in yellow, with her Miss Universe sash glittering, Zozibini Tunzi politely posed for selfies with a queue of adoring SONA guests and Parliament staff. Nearby, Springbok rugby captain Siya Kolisi was doing similar duty in his national blazer.

a group of baseball players that are standing in front of a crowd
Image source: DailyMaverick

As the two took turns to stand and wave to the House, a ripple of admiration and the most sincere applause of the night followed. Suddenly, everything seemed calm and under control once again. The contentious figure of De Klerk faded into darkness, eclipsed by the luminescence of Miss Universe and the Springbok hero.

Image: Daily Maverick