”She left me for a guy who drives a ‘’Vrrr Pha! He broke her heart, now she wants me back, please help!”

”Hello Uncle T, I am 30-year-old male living in Soweto and I have a serious problem with my ex-girlfriend who wants to come back after leaving me for a guy who drives a ‘’Vrrr Pha!’’ (VW Golf GTI). I always knew that guys who drive in those cars were considered as ‘’panty droppers,’’ but I never thought for a single day that my girlfriend who constantly promised me she would never do that because she ‘’respects herself,’’ would fall for that.

Last year December, I got a salary raise and decided to spoil my then-girlfriend by taking her out for a treat at Starbucks at the Mall Of Africa in Midrand. When we got there, I told her to reserve a table for us while I quickly rush to the toilets and relieve myself. When I got back, I found her talking to some guy and they seemed to be exchanging numbers, when I approached the table, the guy left quickly as if he knew I was her boyfriend.

I asked her about the guy and she said he was offering her a job, I had my doubts, but I just didn’t want to pick a fight in public. After two months of showing less love and affection towards me, my girlfriend told me she is seeing someone else and that I am just not the guy for her. I asked her who the guy is, and she told me it was the one she met in December at Starbucks and he treats her good.

Before I could even heal my broken heart, the girl was starting to share pics on Facebook of her in the guy’s car and it happens to be a VW Golf GTI aka the Vrrr Pha! I don’t want to lie, I was the joke of the town because everyone besides myself saw what kind of person she was, but I just thought they were jealous of what we ‘’shared.’’

Two months later after dumping me, the girl started sending me messages just to ‘’check-up’’ on me, but something told me there was more to that than she’s telling. We started talking for a week and hanging around, after getting comfortable around me again, she told me the guy is married and that he told her it was a mistake that he slept with her. I felt sorry for her, until she started asking me to forgive her and give ‘’us’’ a chance again. A part of me is still angry, but another one is still very much in love with her.

I do not know what to do, I told her to give me some time to think, that is why I am writing to you Uncle T, what should I do? Anonymous—Soweto”

Hello there,

Your case is very familiar to most men out there because it involves a new trending culture adopted in South Africa that sees men driving flashy cars being feared as ‘’women magnets.’’ Since the evolution of Vw GTI’s, many men have come forward about similar cases of losing their loved ones to these men. I cannot advice you to take her back or leave her, but all I can say is that if she once left you for someone ‘’better’’ than you, what makes you think she will not do it again?

The problem is not with men driving ‘’Vrrr Pha’s,’’ the problem is women who are not satisfied with what they have. Yes, love won’t pay the bills, love won’t take you out to fancy restaurants, but it’s better to be with a broke man who adores you, than to be with a rich one who uses you as booty call.  Your girlfriend has clearly shown you what type of person she is and no matter how much she apologizes for what she did, that doesn’t mean there is guarantee that she won’t do it again.

Many men out there have lost all hope of falling in love because of women who criticize their financial status, women who don’t think he is man enough unless he blows a few stacks on expensive liquor, clothes and food on them. Sad part is, when things start going wrong for our beautiful sisters who degrade themselves by falling for materialistic things, they start criticizing all men, even the good ones they looked down upon.

However, not all women are the same, that is why I would advise you to focus on finding one who would love to be with you during your struggle, someone who won’t leave you because you do not have a certain quality they saw in someone else, someone who will build an empire with you.

Uncle T’s advice.

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