Lerato Kganyago was never ready for a fake account in her name!

The rise of fake accounts is a growing issue on Twitter. But how much of an issue? Well, this fake account is big enough to make Lerato Kganyago’s life a living hell.

There’s a fake account under the alias ”Lerato Kganyago” and it has been getting people to follow and like it since April 2020.

The person/people behind the fake account say they are giving away iPhone X to 10 people as long as they like and retweet the posts and the account has been using the daily trending #hashtags on their posts. The Metro FM’s The Bridge co-host and Female DJ has declared that the account is fake and has told people not to follow it.

The fake Twitter Account has shown images of people that seem to have won the iPhone X gifts but the background of the images shows that the people are not from South Africa.

The account has reached more than 24K followers today.

Most people are still not aware that it is not genuine, so they are asking Lerato to send the phones to them, and she is not about that life because she has been telling people almost everyday that she is not giving away anything, and that the account is fake.

Lerato says she has been reporting the account, but her fans are not happy that its still growing, and they started a #LeratoKganyagoMustRise which is currently trending. Below is the actual account of Lerato Kganyago, as she has been verified by Twitter.

Phony accounts are possible because Twitter doesn’t currently verify the identity of its users. The result of this decision has brought about some very fake and sometimes very funny imposters…. but we guess Lerato doesn’t find any of this funny!

Main Image: Sowetan Live