Letuka Dlamini talks life, career and announces future project as executive director of a Youtube sitcom

From hit series ‘Hope’ to IG’s ‘Lockdown Heights’; Letuka Dlamini’s acting skills were inspired by Jim Carrey The Mask

Well known as Dumisani the pastor’s kid from the hit-show Hope, Letuka Dlamini takes us through his journey in the entertainment industry.

Born and bred in Soweto was inspired by many acting stars but particularly Jim Carrey from The Mask and he said ‘I watched this guy and I was like ‘Yo! this is fantastic’ I was a little kid but I always just loved making faces and pretending to be whatever it is that I saw on the screen’

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The star has a background in IT studies and as much as he is currently a writer, actor and also director, he doesn’t really believe that acting is a career per say in this country yet. This is mainly because ‘as an actor you actively have to be working in about two or three productions just to break even financially, to pay your rent. It’s only a select few that make a comfortable living out of it. This is one of those things you do because you genuinely love it’- he said.

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In his free time, Letuka talks to people, gives talks to youth groups, even in schools to encourage them to never give up and to follow their dreams. One day he would love to work with the likes of Tebogo Malope, James Gunn, Christopher Nolan, Denzel Washington as he finds their work influential, uplifting and substantial.

The world’s first ever Insta novella Lockdown Heights, the brainchild of actor Ayanda Makayi, has become a social media sensation starring local actors and actresses depicting the lives of individuals living in an apartment block in Johannesburg during the national lockdown. Letuka jumped in to help conceptualize some of the ideas of the show, be part of the creative team, become one of the writers and act as Okwesi. ‘The concept is really just about how lockdown affected us as people, and so we imagine the place where these guys are living in a complex, and now they can’t go anywhere. Here they are and they have to deal with their dramas around the complex. You get different kinds of characters’

The one message that Letuka would love to leave for the young boys is that God loves you, He’s there’ He’s listening, and they must reach out, ask for help. ‘That was one of my biggest mistakes I think as a youngin’, you try to do everything yourself. If I would’ve learned to study my craft, study myself as a person much earlier I think I’d be a lot further in life than I am right now in terms of the things that I want to do. Don’t rush. Learn’

Letuka is currently directing a YouTube sitcom called the Brazinto show which they are shooting this week, he is still shooting with Lockdown Heights and he has a new Instagram talk show every Sunday at 5pm called Controvarsity which deals with ‘controversy and all the little grey areas of life’ he said, and the first episode premiered this past Sunday, August 09, 2020. We look forward to seeing more of him on our screens!

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