5 ways to have fun this Christmas

Jing-bells, all the way to you! Christmas is around the corner and by now, google search is going crazy trying to filter out searches from different locations on what to do on the holiday. ,

Christmas time can be a lot of fun. What activities do you have planned?

These are five ways you are guaranteed to have fun:

Christmas time is the best time to attend the concerts of your favourite musicians but even if you are not going to a mega-concert there are many comedy shows, pop-up shows, carol nights, and bonfire parties to attend.

You can use this festive period to take a break from the rigours of life. Plan a trip to a neighbouring country like Ghana or even a state in Nigeria like Calabar and get to experience something different.

Reunite with your family this December. If you do not live with your parents, this is a good time to visit.

Also, some people have a long-standing tradition of going to the village for Christmas.

Going home allows you to reconnect with your family and that is a good way to spend your Christmas.

Every Christmas time, new movies are released to make us enjoy the festivities but do you know you can have a good time binge-watching classics like ‘Home Alone’, and many other holiday classics?

You can have friends over and cook for them, grill chicken and sip cool drinks with familiar company.

Just make sure you do not overstretch yourself by eating too much food, drinking an excess amount of alcohol and spending more money than you have.

Main Image: The Conversation